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F. Farhat

Beirut 13-09-2023

I had digestive issues for almost 10 years, impacting my life’s and my ability enjoy food. Many doctors prescribed the usual tablets that created me even more pain and troubles. When I consulted Amina through HealAgenda, I was amazed by her description of my case as if she knew me long time ago. Her expertise cured me step by step and helped me to rediscover the joy of eating our Lebanese food without discomfort. Amina’s compassionate care has not only improved my physical health but also reconnected me with my family.

Nouf S.

Amman 04-02-2023

Since I was 16, I had chronic joint pain from school sport activities which reduced my movement and let me gain a lot of weight. My voyage to relief began 7 months ago when I was introduced to Amina and her knowledge. She advised me to undertake a special blood test and as a result she chose several vitamins and herbal medicine for me. Doing some special treatments for the inflammation in my joints (especially knees) on daily basis, not only alleviated my pain but also gave me the power to visit the gym and take back my life on the right track. I really appreciate working with Amina and wish her all the best in her approach.

Eileen M.

Hamburg 21-05-2023

Long time ago, I met Amina at a workshop where she spoke about homeopathic remedies. End of last year, I contacted her after a lot of stress at work. From nowhere, daily anxiety became suddenly a part of my life. Amina helped me to overcome it with a lot of personal support and knowledge. She helped me to experience a kind of balance I never had before. Through a special blood test she recommended, we have discovered that I had also some deficiency never tested or detected by doctors before. Iā€™m really grateful to have my life back!

H. Khan

Dubai 05-06-2023

I really enjoyed to be taken care of by HealAgenda. I struggled with a lack of deep sleep, which greatly affected my personal and professional life. The solution came when I turned to Amina Korte and her team. Through a combination of relaxation techniques and natural sleep aids, Amina crafted a plan that restored my natural sleep patterns. I am now able to enjoy restful nights and productive days, a change that has been transformative for my health and daily life.


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