The HealAgenda®

At, we redefine health consultation for people dealing with chronic illnesses for a long period without reaching an end of suffering or getting the right attention from their practitioners;

we’re here for you.

Unlike one-size-fits-all therapy, our approach of consultation is based on a holistic health vision combined with deep experience in alternative medicine. We unveil the root cause of your illness to create your personalized HealPlan, a guide focusing on your unique needs that may have been overlooked previously. With, you will embark on a thoughtful journey towards improving your well-being, enhancing your metabolism, and increasing your energy and happiness in life.


Quick Consult®

No Registration Required

Book a Quick Consult video session to receive useful answers to your health queries without any registration or obligation. Reach out by clicking on our WhatsApp button to secure earliest appointment possible and experience rapid health resolution!

Time: 30 minutes
Fee: $60


The HealPlan®

We speak English, German & Dutch.

1. Start Session

The Start Session initiates the Heal Plan with an intensive conversation based on your information provided in the "Wellness Check". This video call plans to explore and assess the various aspects of your personal well-being and health goals, creating a customized HealAgenda matching your specific needs.

Time: 60 minutes
Fee: $190

2. Agenda KickOff

During the Agenda KickOff session, we will highlight the key topics of your tailored HealAgenda and prepare you with a step plan to easily implement the heal advice in your daily life.

Time: 45 minutes
Fee: $150

3. FollowUp Session

The Follow Up Session ensures the success of your HealAgenda in the long term, we will reconnect to review your progress and the initial changes you already have observed. Depending on the results, extending and/or adjusting your HealAgenda may be considered as an option.

Time: 45 minutes
Fee: $120

4. Checkup Session

The CheckUp Session allows scheduling a short call with our specialist to discuss brief questions, comments, or anything else that might comes to mind regardless if related or not related to your HealAgenda.

Time: 15 minutes
Fee: $50


3 Steps To HealAgenda®

1st Step

Create Account


Click on the “Login/Register” button at the top right corner of this page to fill your initial details in the account creation form, including a secure password. Then, check your email inbox and finish this process by clicking the link provided in the email to verify your email address.

2nd Step

Wellness Check


Login to complete the “Wellness-Check“, which provides insights into your current complaints and concerns. Your shared information, combined with an in-depth personal conversation, will later form the foundation for your personalized HealAgenda.

3rd Step

Schedule A Session

Schedule your first session by choosing convenient date and time. The link for Zoom – video call will be sent to your email requesting to confirm attending the session. Webcam or a smart phone are required. Zoom signup or app download are not required.


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