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You will soon receive an email with all the necessary details. This email will include a Zoom session link for easy access to your appointment and a calendar invite to ensure you won’t miss it.

What's Next?

Zoom Session Link
Check your email received including a Zoom link to your booked session. If you’re new to Zoom, visit Zoom’s website for more information.

Technical Preparedness
Please ensure you have a functioning microphone and camera for the session. Good audio and visual quality are crucial for effective communication.

Calendar Invite
Along with the Zoom link, you’ll receive a calendar invite. This will schedule the session in your personal calendar, complete with automatic reminders.

Change of Plans?
Need to reschedule? Just click the ‘Reschedule’ link in your confirmation email to choose a new, convenient time.

If you must cancel, use the ‘Cancel’ option in your confirmation email. We appreciate as much notice as possible.

Need Assistance?
If you have any questions or need help before your session, please reach out to us at the Contact page.


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