Microwave Ovens – A Critical View

It’s truly remarkable that something as simple as heating up our food could be harming us in such significant ways.

Already since more than 70 years the Microwave radiation has been recognized as a potential threat to all living organisms. The exposure to this radiation can result in disturbed cell division and damage to cell membranes, chromosomes, and other biological structures, which are directly linked to various health issues, along with cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders.

Function of a Microwave Oven

Our beloved microwave oven uses the very same harmful electromagnetic radiation to heat the food. It causes water molecules to vibrate and creating heat through this enormous friction; the food heats from the inside out.


Danger from Outside

Every microwave oven emits a high-frequency electromagnetic field, millions of times stronger than the natural exposure we receive. Despite well-sealed doors, these microwaves can escape and cause thermal effects when the oven is frequently opened and closed.

  • Even slight heating, which may not be noticeable, can harm sensitive organs and disrupt processes such as hormone production. The eyes and inner ear are especially vulnerable.
  • Microwaves can cause body cells and biomolecules to oscillate, affect brain waves, and influence the body’s defense system, blood formation, and genetic material.
  • Studies on cell cultures and animals have indicated that microwaves could promote tumor development.
  • Research has documented loss of vital energies in people, animals, and plants if they are within 500 meters of an activated microwave oven.
  • Pregnant women and young children are particularly at risk, especially if they spend some time directly in front of a microwave oven that is turned on.
  • However, everyone should maintain a safe distance from microwave ovens.

Effect on Food

The intense energy from the microwaves are breaking down the food’s molecules, resulting in a new composition that is unfamiliar to both humans and animals.

Under a microscope, food heated by a microwave oven always appears chaotic and damaged; almost as if an explosion occurred. The cells within the food are greatly swollen or even torn apart. In contrast, traditional cooking methods leave the food’s cells intact.

Changed Nutritional Values

The radiation also have a devitalizing effect on the human cell membranes and accordingly to the whole body. At least 80 % of the nutritional value of our meals is destroyed. Here are some facts to illustrate:

  • Invasive structural changes in the amino acids (the substances that build proteins) occur in the microwave food. This leads easily to allergies and more.
  • Decrease of all B, C and E vitamins and all essential minerals.
  • Absolute destruction of the nutritional value of protein in meat.
  • The nutritional value of milk is extremely reduced.
  • The components of the food that prevent infections are heavily reduced.
  • All (!) enzymes are destroyed.
  • 97 % of antioxidants are destroyed, which leads to an increased oxidative stress load to the body.
  • Free Radicals are formed, which lead to civilization diseases and faster aging.

Breast Milk & Other (Baby) Milk

Warming or defrosting breast milk by a microwave oven causes a radical decrease in the naturally present antibodies in the milk, even from very low temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius.

Heating any milk in a microwave oven not only causes the loss of valuable proteins and molecular changes in the amino acids of milk protein. Also, the healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in large numbers in milk, are changed in such a way that they are no longer suitable for our body. Therefore, Baby food or milk should never be heated in a microwave oven!

Be Aware

Studies done at Stanford University in California have found that reheating food in a microwave oven result always in a demonstrable decrease in all defense factors they were tested. As a conclusion, the researchers recommend never using a microwave oven, even at a low temperature. Other studies have also shown that consuming microwaved food can alter the composition of our blood.

Consuming this food on a regular basis can lead to chronic over-acidification of the body, as well as irritation of the intestinal flora, and ultimately weakening of the entire immune system. Experts have taken a clear stance that microwave oven food is unnaturally transformed and expose the body to a lot of unnecessary toxins. Increased levels of free radicals are known to raise the risk of developing several sorts of cancer.

My Opinion

The evidence is clear: Microwaving our food is doing more harm than good. Microwave ovens have become established, but they should disappear again at the soonest.

They are a potential danger to our health!